The C. Vangompel nv quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is audited annually by Vinçotte Belgium.

Integrated processes

Our software package was specially developed as a production management system and is used to record and process all production data. The customer specifications, CAD/CAM programs, workholding lists, and measurement lists are created and stored for each line of an order.

By digitally processing the measurement data, the process controllability is proved. This approach documents the entire process for each product, which guarantees the customer that their product will meet the same quality specifications each time.

The combination of modern machinery and a well-established quality system with full process control makes C. Vangompel nv the perfect partner for your recurring production work.


To meet the required quality C. Vangompel nv uses the following facilities and resources:

  • Quality management system ISO 9001: 2015
  • Quality controls using 3D measuring machines (in a climate controlled room)
  • Production software system for digitally recording and processing production information, quality requirements, and measurement data
  • Gear measuring machine with software to measure gears with unknown data
  • Vision measurement system
  • Roughness meters
  • Length measuring bench
  • Various manual measuring tools
  • ERP system (order processing system)
  • Complaint handling system

All the sales agreements, quality requirements, and packaging and delivery conditions are documented per product, using a standardized method. Specific quality requirements can be added in consultation with the customer.